Welcome to BICYCLE TOURS in Vietnam & Cambodia

Many years of cyling we’ve discovered that the best way to explore and connect with a region is often the simplest, the core activities which most of our trips, as the locals do, on Bike.

Ride a bicycle has to be the most important way to explore all of destinations and improve health in this era. We understand this and only specializing in individuals, small groups that can help you experience every minutes of the tour.
Along with experienced staffs, surely to bring you an authentic travel, emphasis on exploring & interacting with local cultures in Vietnam & Cambodia

Born and live in Saigon. He join our adventure department from beginning, Chau has a rich experience in biking tours.As a hard-working man & with enthusiasm, he manages adventure tours very well and has acquired all the skills needed to become an excellent adventure guide. He enjoys meeting people and understands that people differ in their tourism expectations. He established Bicycleventures Travel .