Our Equipments

For agility on dirt paths or singletrack, the Yukon’s lightweight ALUXX frame, with balanced geometry and roomy cockpit, offers comfort and control. Our bike store has more than 30 bicycles. Here are some samples of our bike fleet.

Bicycle  Our Equipments bicyclebiking_Hue  Our Equipments biking Hue


biking_HA-NOI  Our Equipments biking HA NOI


You are supported by our air-conditioned vehicles, it depends on each group that we supply the different kinds of vehicles;the private trip from 2 – 6 cyclists will be supported by 16 seat-van; more people in bigger bus/van with truck. The van/truck is Toyota, Mercedes Benz and Hyundai.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 16 seats  Our Equipments 12531604745

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 16 seats

Toyota Hiace 16 seats  Our Equipments Toyota Hiace 10cho

Toyota Hiace 16 seats

Hyundai bus County 30 seats  Our Equipments 445324 main

Hyundai bus County 30 seats

Hyundai Aero Town 35 seats  Our Equipments hyundaiaerotown45

Hyundai Aero Town 35 seats