Before Touring

Accommodation can be provided in local village homestays. Here the family may supply a simple mattress, mosquito net, pillow, sheet and blanket or in the case of remote locations, bedding will be provided by us. The houses are usually on stilts with a bamboo wooden floor and are surprisingly comfortable. The facilities are clean but very basic.

Hotels can also be provided in small towns. We choose the hotel categories ranging from basic home-stay to 5 stars in our pakage tours. However, you can reccommend us the hotels you prefer and we will book them for you. Other accommodations are cruises, home stay also available.

bus xetai
Traveling by bike in a long route as well as short route, we provide our support van/bus to carry bike, bikers, your luggage and other necessary stuffs to your tour.
This supported van/bus is not only help you to less burden but also make your tour comfortable and easier. They use to help weak bikers on long route, transferring out of busy city to the ride start or to hotel and emergency cases.
Try to keep baggage to a minimum weight. Often a ‘camelback” will accompany the tour to keep hydrated and small backpack for carrying cameras, sun cream, money, the rest put them on van safely with maximized cares of our trusted .
You are supported by our air-conditioned vehicles, it depends on each group that we supply the different kinds of vehicles;the private trip from 2 – 6 cyclists will be supported by 16 seat-van; more people in bigger bus/van with truck. The van/truck is Toyota, Mercedes Benz and Hyundai.
It’s our provided services, if you prefer a different one or need reference to suit you please contact us when booking a tour. Our people will send you the illustrated photos to keep you know and worry-free.

All the supported van/bus can be rented for your own arrangement and tour. If you need help, tell us with a very special offers.

first_aid_kit Bike riding is a great way to get exercise and fresh air and share time as a family. But before you and the kids rush out and start pedaling, there’s an important factor that you need to consider — safety.
Your tour leader or tour guides are trained in first aids and emergency rescue, but to a large degree you must be responsible for your own safety while riding.
Please follow your tour leaders instructions on all matters related to safety. We highly recommended that you must take out travel insurance before joining the tour. We will take every precaution possible to ensure your safe enjoyment of the tour.
Helmets must be worn all times when cycling and insist they are worn during down-hill or off-road. Cycling gloves are also highly recommended.
Emergency hospital:
Emergency Call in Vietnam: 115
We supply helmets with all our biking tours (except when just renting a bike) but you may want to consider bringing your own if you are taking a long tour as helmets are a personal item.

We recommend helmets to be worn at all times when riding, always wear a correctly adjusted helmets(that fits snugly on your head and does not tip forwards or backward).

Always ride at the speed you are comfortable with. Do not over do it or ride beyond your abilities as accidents are not fun. If some stretches are too technical for you, it is better to walk than fall !
Always ride at least on other person in case of difficulty. Give each other plenty of space on the tracks- nothing is worse than a pile up!
The person in front has right of way and may not be aware of what a person behind is doing. So if overtaking, let the person in front know which side you are passing on.
Always stop at junctions unless specifically told not to by the guide; if in double as to the route, stop and wait for the rest of the group or the leader. If you get lost, go back to the last place where you were sure saw other group members and wait there where will will find you.
In general, the leader rides at or near the back of the group and the supported vehicles(where applicable) are right at the back. With 2 guides, one will be towards the front, one will be at the back.
For safety, always know the final destination for each day and carry some money, emergency numbers.
Drink plenty of water and take some energy bars in case you get hungry between meals.

Dogs warning: do not try to race off. Stop and get off your bike, keep it between you and the dogs and pretend to throw a stone and throw one if you have.

Come to our countries in South East Asia, you will find a new life. Especially travelling by bike, bring you so much breath of nature. Vietnam, indochina countries has finished their war not so long. Most of places must be reconstructed bombing and old architectural style. Even the roads, that’s most important thing to develop the country.
Our bike tours, going to deep rural where classic trip can’t be reached. Some villages has never see foreigners before. So the bike adventure is really adventurous. Because road surfaces vary along the way from point to point, from village to village. Bicycleventures  inspect them every 6 months where we can find the best roads for our tours; they are all suited from gentle to ironman bikers.
Road conditions are different in the regions; Mekong delta is quite flat fro Ho Chi Minh city(Saigon) to Cambodia borders, central highland (Da Lat and Ho Chi Minh trails included) is hilly and undulating; north west of Vietnam is mountainous as well and mixture of terrain in the central coast provinces from Nha Trang to Hue. They are from easy to tough cycling, that satisfy all your own trip to Vietnam and beyond.
However, some roads are in good conditions, but we have less chance to go on due to more traffic and busy.

It’s easy to find a bike tour but not easy to find a passionate agent to organize it. Come with us, you are not only travel but also learn so much things no one else can do.

Viet Nam is a culinary delight, and almost all meals are taken in clean, friendly local restaurants and cafe’s. Of course, there would be no adventure without the occasional challenge, so sometimes in remote areas food is simple, but its always plentiful and we rarely have a situation where we go hungry or thirsty, even for people with special dietary requirements.
Viet Nam is famous for healthy foods, we have plenty of fresh tropical vegetables, the second rice exporter in the world and crisscross rivers supply lots of fresh water fishes, prawn, … ; furthermore with over 3200km’s of coastlines from North to South, Viet Nam also have a reputation of fresh seafood. Experience Viet Nam by bikes, are the best way to enjoy what’s the creator awarded!
The local specialities are the first priority to our tours … please let us know if you are a diet or allergy of any foods that we will prepare to suit all your tastes.

The biking guide will buy fresh fruits everyday for your cycling trip, they are changing daily from fresh banana, apple, watermelon, pomelo, mango, etc.

Hi, this page section, we would like to share with you our clients some part of the bike tour. Have some questions that some beginners can not go too far or too fast on the bike route. But you don’t worry, our guide always make many rest stops en-route, where we can have some energy to recover the lost after riding.
It’s depending on how fast you are and how good you bike but usually we stop every from 10 km to 20 kilometers(about an hour riding) for a rest-stop to recover your breath by cool water, cool soft drinks, snacks and fresh fruits.
The stops will be at a local cafe, or at a sidewalk beside your supported bus or on a hammock!, most of chosen places are clean and comfortable.
Besides, during the stop you can find the restroom are inside local house’s or somewhere near the …bush. They are all simple, comfortable and close to nature.

After the biking trip, i am sure that you will bring home lots of new experience of life from your trip. Vietnam Bicycleventures do our best to help and perfect it.





Water, softdrinks are cooled in an iced box daily and tour guide buys snacks and fresh fruits everyday as what you like. We buy enough for during your trip to keep you energy.


Depending on how fast you are but usually we stop every from 10 km to 20 km ride for a rest-stop to recover your breath by cool water, cool soft drinks, snacks and fresh fruits.
The road snacks are simple things, sometime we take them along with, sometime we buy them along the route. What we think is the local products, natural and environment protection.
If you are on diet, we also suggest some local healthy snacks that suit you and water of course are bottle water, make sure the safe trip.
However, it’s flexible. Our guide will help you choose and let you try more local to enjoy as well as experience the places visited.
  • There are no good or bad seasons for visiting Vietnam. When one region is wet, cold or steamy hot, there is always somewhere else that is sunny and pleasantly warm.
  • Vietnam has a remarkably diverse climate because of its wide range of latitudes and altitudes. Although the entire country lies in the tropics and subtropics, local conditions vary from frosty winters in the far northern hills to year-round, subequatorial warmth in the Mekong Delta.
The South Viet Nam:
  • With its subequatorial climate, has two main seasons: the wet and the dry.
  • The wet season lasts from May to November (June to August are the wettest months).
  • During this time, there are heavy but short-lived downpours almost daily, usually in the afternoon.
  • The dry season usually runs from December to April. Late February to May is hot and very humid,
  • but it cools down slightly when the rainy season begins.
  • In Ho Chi Minh city, the average annual temperature is 27 Celsius degree. In April, daily highs are usually in the low 30s. In January, the daily lows average 21 Celsius degrees.
  • Average humidity is 80% and annual rainfall average 1979mm.
  • The coldest temperature that has ever been recorded in HCM city is 14 C degree.
The Central Viet Nam:
  • The coastal lowlands are denied significant rainfall from the southwestern monsoon(April to October) by the Truong Son Mountain Range, which is very wet during this period. Much of the coastal strip’s precipitation is brought by the northeastern monsoon between December and February. Nha Trang’s long dry season lasts from late January to October, while Da Lat’s dry season is from December to March. Da Lat, like the rest of the central highlands, is much cooler than the Mekong Delta and the coastal strip. From November  to March, Da Lat’s daily highs are usually in the low to mid-20s.
  • The cold and wet winter weather of the north-central coastal lowlands is accompanied by fog and fine drizzle.
The North Viet Nam:
  • Areas north of the 18th Parallel have two seasons: winter and summer. Winter is quite cool and wet, and usually lasts from  around November to April. February and March are marked by a persistent drizzling rain that the Vietnamese call crachin. The hot summers run from May to October. The north is subject to occasional typhoons during the summer months.
Best time to travel?
High season for travel in Vietnam, Cambodia is from November through March but if you don’t mind a few tropical showers here and there anytime is a good time to visit. As a rough guide the weather is dry and hot throughout the region from November to April except for central Vietnam which can be wet, and northern parts of Vietnam which are quiet cool during the winter months. The rainy season can bring heavy downpours in across most of the region from May through to October but there is also plenty of sunshine between the showers and temperatures are high. The shoulder periods of April/May and September/October, either side of the high season, can be a good time to travel.
Boats Cycling Mekong
Sometimes, boat-trips are useful for our exploration beside a bike; and we can not avoid crossing  rivers without bridges when traveling from village to village as well chance to try “monkey bridges” in the south delta of Vietnam
And ferry is often if we are on the Mekong Delta, it is the flat land but crisscross with thousand of rivers and canals.Local boat trip and ferry will carry people, bikes together. It happen more for Mekong Delta tours, and rarely in the rest regions of Viet Nam.
Beside these local boats, you may take a bigger boat or speed boat to some island such as Phu Quoc, Con Dao, Cambodia and Thailand.